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        Apple Business Certification Group Limited is a comprehensive certification body registered in Shanghai, China and operation worldwide. It provides safety, ecological and other certification services to global customers in the fields of industry, commerce, forestry, agriculture and tourism, etc. so as to continuously promote the common development of global human beings and biodiversity. Conservation, providing sustainable certification services and solutions for enterprises, carrying out capacity building and training, and has been committed to promoting sustainable operations and responsible business practices for the benefit of mankind, the environment and the climate. 
       Our global business includes product certification (such as electrical and electronic products, mechanical products, textile products, forest products, chemical products, etc.), service certification (such as wholesale and retail services, information technology services, power services, scientific research services, production services, support services, energy services, etc.), management system certification (such as quality management system, information security management system, etc.) activities, also include certification activities such as forest certification, carbon neutrality certification, safety certification, ecological certification, etc.
        Our Vision:To be the most trusted certification body
        Our Purpose:Independence, impartiality and Science
        Our Mission:Deliver Trust
        We work to support better management and business practices that benefit people, nature and the climate.

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